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  offers a unique variety of natural options to the world market for beautifying interiors & exteriors, like :- natural pebbles, polished pebbles, coloured pebbles, chips, rocks, sand, gravels etc. in various colours & sizes from the E a r t h ' s C r u s t . Quality from the very base is our priority. Here, at Pebbles n' more , we put in our utmost efforts to fulfil & take care of your requirements.

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NATURAL PEBBLES : As the name goes, they have been distinct in their geological formation and appearance mostly & hence are always the perfect answer for beautification of interiors as well as exteriors to overlap walkways, driveways, to cover drains or around swimming pools etc.; in the most eco friendly way. Thus, enhancing the surroundings naturally. Like the River Bed Pebbles, these can extensively be used for specially designed lawns, hardscapes, fountains, waterfalls, aquariums, etc. can even supply these pebbles with polished finish as per the needs of the customer. These pebbles give a natural shine to the surrounding when used extensively with water or under water bodies.

POLISHED PEBBLES : Pebbles polished with the help of machineries bring an eye catching glow into them with also a matt look option. offers these pebbles at a cost efficient way. These pebbles are a great option in covering the soil of planters or on patios & decks. Again. extensively used for landscaping and interior decoration elements with indirect lightings also. Also a great option to create water-smart gardens where water is a scarcity.

COLOURED PEBBLES : These are dyed / treated colour pebbles made with natural stones for a colourful interior & dry area decorations. offers these pebbles in colours like purple, pink, black with bands, aqua, shades of blue, green, yellow & mix coloured pebbles .

Chips & Rocks are available in Natural Colours & some in Natural Forms too. They are used to give a large spreads for landscaping, aquariums etc. Gravel are also used for natural look landscapes & also as a filter media. Variety of Natural Sand can be used for artificial lagoons, beach volleyball, golf greens, golf bunkers & children's play area to change the entire environment of a park or kids play area to look safest and child friendly.